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Version: v3.8.0.67
Release Date: February 12, 2015
Webmail.dll MD5: 3901f6ebd9e6c92049edecda5fe8dc9c

Version Changes:
v3.8.0.67 (Feb 12, 2015) - GMail: Fix -10 error
v3.8.0.66 (Jan 06, 2015) - Juno/NetZero: Fix Session Timeout which would cause POP Peeper to report empty mailbox after several hours of initial check
v3.8.0.65 (Dec 13, 2014) - Yahoo: Certain accounts reported a login error
v3.8.0.64 (Dec 10, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fix for backend changes
v3.8.0.63 (Dec 04, 2014) - Yahoo: Fix for login changes (error -1001)
v3.8.0.62 (Dec 02, 2014) - Juno/NetZero: New login screen
v3.8.0.61 (Nov 25, 2014) - Yahoo: New back-end interface caused issues with SendMail and marking message as read on server
v3.8.0.60 (Sep 16, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: New back-end interface caused -20 error for some accounts
v3.8.0.59 (Aug 27, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fix for some accounts not retrieving multiple inbox pages
v3.8.0.58 (Aug 11, 2014) - Yahoo: Fix for attachments
v3.8.0.57 (Jul 17, 2014) - Lycos: Update for login screen
v3.8.0.56 (Jul 16, 2014) - Lycos: Fix for new login screen
v3.8.0.55 (Jul 14, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fix for certain Hotmail accounts not marking the message as read on server
v3.8.0.54 (Jul 05, 2014) - Lycos: Fix for Lycos reporting 0 messages
v3.8.0.53 (Jun 30, 2014) - Lycos: Update for new Lycos interface (headers, view message, delete, compose; NOT multiple inbox pages, attachments)
v3.8.0.52 (Jun 27, 2014) - GMail: Fix for sending email
v3.8.0.51 (Jun 25, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fix for potential crash
v3.8.0.50 (May 23, 2014) - Yahoo: Fix for deleting messages (Full interface)
v3.8.0.49 (May 20, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Update for a new internal Hotmail interface; also fixes issue with to/cc email addresses
v3.8.0.48 (May 15, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fix a potential crash; Fix sendmail error when text contains "see attachment" (or similar)
v3.8.0.47 (May 01, 2014) - Yahoo: Send Mail was not working for "Full" interface; Hotmail/Outlook: Remote images were not displayed in some cases
v3.8.0.46 (Apr 22, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fixes word-wrapping for certain messages when viewed in HTML
v3.8.0.45 (Apr 22, 2014) - GMail: Critical fix to prevent infinite loop retrieve inbox pages; Hotmail/Outlook: Fixes display issues with certain character sets in headers (e.g. Chinese)
v3.8.0.44 (Apr 16, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fixes display issues with character sets (e.g. Swedish and Chinese)
v3.8.0.43 (Apr 09, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fixes a potential crash and fixes "false" being displayed in message body in certain cases
v3.8.0.42 (Apr 02, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fixes issues with a new variation of the Hotmail interface
v3.8.0.41 (Mar 03, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Fixes two issues that affect accounts using interface addressed in v.36: retrieving multiple pages and marking messages as read when retrieved
v3.8.0.39 (Feb 12, 2014) - GMail: Similar issue as v.36-v.38; Lycos: Error -31 when retrieving messages; inline images fixed
v3.8.0.37 (Jan 31, 2014) - GMail: Similar issue as v.36 addressed; header times of 12:xx am will now correctly use 12AM instead of 12PM
v3.8.0.36 (Jan 30, 2014) - Hotmail/Outlook: Major back-end changes from Hotmail that affect limited accounts but is expected to roll-out to all accounts GMail: Fix for a GMail change that prevented POP Peeper from logging in after an IP change (but worked after logging in with webbrowser) and resulted in a 'suspicious sign-in prevented' report Yahoo: UID-matching update
v3.8.0.35 (Jan 04, 2014) - GMail: GMail made a change causing -10 error
v3.8.0.34 (Dec 12, 2013) - Yahoo: Improved error detection to prevent empty mailbox; GMail: Added detection for 2-step verification (More info)
v3.8.0.33 (Nov 06, 2013) - Excite: Update for login issue with redirecting to missing ad page
v3.8.0.32 (Oct 21, 2013) - GMail: Update for view-message displaying incorrectly; Yahoo: Conversion for &apos on older OS's; Excite/MyWay: uses the correct number for messages per page
v3.8.0.31 (Sep 23, 2013) - GMail: Update for detecting session expiration
v3.8.0.30 (Aug 31, 2013) - GMail: Fix for view-message displaying incorrectly
v3.8.0.29 (Aug 03, 2013) - Yahoo: Fix for Login Error
v3.8.0.28 (Jul 10, 2013) - Yahoo: Fix for inline images and attachments in Basic interface
v3.8.0.27 (Jun 18, 2013) - Yahoo: Various updates for the Basic and Full interfaces
v3.8.0.26 (May 20, 2013) - Hotmail: Fix for date/time corrections
v3.8.0.25 (May 15, 2013) - Hotmail: Fix for Hotmail sending error -60
v3.8.0.24 (May 01, 2013) - Hotmail: Fix for POP Peeper not detecting new messages in certain circumstances
v3.8.0.23 (Apr 25, 2013) - Yahoo: Fix for messages not showing utf-8 encoded messages correctly
v3.8.0.22 (Mar 19, 2013) - Yahoo: Update for some Yahoo accounts displaying "empty message body" when viewing messages
v3.8.0.21 (Mar 18, 2013) - Yahoo: Update for some Yahoo accounts incorrectly returning 0 messages
v3.8.0.20 (Mar 05, 2013) - Hotmail: Update for Utf-8 dates
v3.8.0.19 (Feb 18, 2013) - Hotmail: Attachment-related updates; Yahoo: Update for error 999; GMail: Update for Utf-8
v3.8.0.18 (Dec 06, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix for changes that were made to Outlook-interface accounts
v3.8.0.17 (Nov 29, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix for some hotmail-interface (non-Outlook) accounts that also had the no-images issue
v3.8.0.16 (Nov 23, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix for images sometimes displaying incorrectly
v3.8.0.15 (Nov 08, 2012) - RediffMail: Fix for new (non-classic) interface
v3.8.0.14 (Oct 29, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix folder support for Outlook interface
v3.8.0.13 (Oct 09, 2012) - Yahoo: Bypass the screen requesting additional security details (email address or mobile phone number)
v3.8.0.12 (Aug 31, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix for certain date formats (ie. those that use '.' date separator)
v3.8.0.11 (Aug 27, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix when sending text that makes Hotmail think you have forgotten an attachment
v3.8.0.10 (Aug 02, 2012) - Hotmail: Fixes issue with when using Reading Pane on Right interface
v3.8.0.9 (Aug 01, 2012) - Hotmail: Added support for interface; Changed name "Hotmail/MSN/Live" to "Hotmail/Outlook"
v3.8.0.8 (Jul 03, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix for certain regional date format (MMDD vs DDMM)
v3.8.0.7 (Apr 06, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix to account for the optional 'Category' column Yahoo: Fix for some accounts reporting Login error
v3.8.0.6 (Mar 16, 2012) - Hotmail: Fix for replying when recipients' names include commas; fix when retrieving multiple inbox pages over https Yahoo: defaults to SSL login; fix for quotes in subject RediffMail: Fix for detecting session expiration Lycos: Fix for detecting session expiration
v3.8.0.5 (Dec 13, 2011) - Hotmail: Fix for more accounts reporting error -41 when attempting to delete
v3.8.0.4 (Nov 11, 2011) - Hotmail: Some accounts reported error -41 when attempting to delete
v3.8.0.3 (Oct 28, 2011) - Hotmail: Some accounts started to report error -20 when attempting to retrieve multiple pages of the inbox Lycos: Support for Lycos is back
v3.8.0.1 (Aug 24, 2011) - Yahoo: Fixes more variations of the "upgrade to new Yahoo" for Classic accounts

The WebMail plugin allows you to check your mail on many popular webmail servers (listed below). The WebMail plugin is available when you install POP Peeper; any download here may support additional webmail servers, or address changes that have been made by the webmail server since the last release of POP Peeper.

ServerSupported interfacesDomains
Excite -
FastMail IMAP; many other domains available
Gmail -
GMail support via WebMail or POP3/Imap/SSL (GMail FAQ)
Hotmail / MSN / Live Hotmail All known interfaces; @msn.con;;; @hotmail.* (;;;;;; ;;; @live.* (;, etc)
iWon -
Juno - - IMAP/POP3;;;;
Hundreds of other domains
MyWay -
RediffMail Classic and New
Yahoo Classic, new, beta;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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