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Known Issues

Recent Issues

IssueStatus Date: Details
Yahoo: -11 error Information (password change) July 17, 2014 You must sign into your Yahoo account(s) with your webbrowser and if you are automatically signed in (no password), then you must sign out and log back in. Yahoo is requiring everyone to change their password and this is blocking POP Peeper. You will need to change your password in order for POP Peeper to access your account, and don't forget to change your password in POP Peeper, as well.
GMail (login error) Ongoing February 7, 2014 For information about this issue:
read the blog
Yahoo/Lycos: Login Error; -11; -1000 Information (IE6) January 13, 2014 If your Yahoo account reports an error, please check what version of Internet Explorer is installed by opening IE and select Help / About. Yahoo no longer works with IE6 and this affects POP Peeper. In this case, you have two solutions:
1) Upgrade Internet Explorer; IE8 will work
2) Switch your account(s) in POP Peeper to use IMAP (Instructions)

Even if you switch to IMAP, you should consider upgrading IE.

Update: Lycos is also known to require at least IE7

Excite: Send message error -60 Pending November 15, 2013 Email sent from POP Peeper using an Excite account will result in error -60. More information can be found in this forum topic.

Note: this does not affect MyWay or iWon

SMTP error (Login Auth) Patch: SendMail.dll v3.8.1.1 Jan 21, 2013 Some SMTP servers may result in an error even if you have valid login credentials. The exact error varies depending on the server, but POP Peeper will report it as a "Login Error: Auth Login".

To fix this issue:

  1. Exit POP Peeper
  2. Click here to download the patch
  3. Extract SendMail.dll from the zip file you downloaded and overwrite the SendMail.dll in your POP Peeper installation folder. The default location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\POP Peeper\ (64-bit OS)
    C:\Program Files\POP Peeper\ (32-bit OS)
  4. Restart POP Peeper
  5. Any pending outgoing messages that could not be sent before should successfully send on the next mail check

Known Smtp servers affected by this issue: Zoho

To report a problem not listed here, use the "Contact" button on the left.

WebMail Status

Note: The webmail status report is generated on the developer's computer using personal accounts. This report does not necessarily indicate that all accounts of a reported webmail service are operational. When a webmail service updates, it usually limits the number of accounts affected and updates all of them over time. If you have a webmail account that was working and has not worked for over 24 hours, please contact us.

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